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Announcing the 2016 Architecture & Design Awards Nominees

Nov 22, 2016
Rose Villa is nominated for Senior Housing News Architecture and Design Awards.View nomination here. Read More »

Where You Live May Decide at What Age You Retire

Nov 7, 2016
In six states, most people retire by age 62. In nine states, it's 65. Here's what's behind those differences. Read more here. Read More »

Long-term Care Facilities Often Lack Trained Staff, Policies to Bar Bias Against Gay Seniors

Oct 24, 2016
Rose Villa Senior Living, located just outside of Portland, Oregon, has made a point of welcoming LGBT elders. The community, which offers independent and assisted living, also has a nursing home on s... Read More »

Staying Out Of The Closet In Old Age

Oct 17, 2016
Partners Edwin Fisher, 86, and Patrick Mizelle, 64, moved to Rose Villa in Portland, Oregon, from from Georgia about three years ago. Fisher and Mizelle worried residents of senior living communities ... Read More »

10 of the world's best places to live or retire

Sep 1, 2016
They are all so diverse, yet they have one thing in common; they are the world's best places to live! View the list here (hint: scroll to #5!) Read More »

Rose Villa Reopens to Fanfair and Excitement!

Aug 31, 2016
The weather was perfect on Aug. 23 and smiles were the order of the day as Rose Villa Senior Living CEO Vassar Byrd cut the big red ribbon and welcomed everyone to the grand reopening of the senior co... Read More »

Partnership between Rose Villa & New Century Palyers to Benefit Community

Aug 17, 2016
The theater company wins because Rose Villa’s new Performing Arts Center provides the community theater group with a new venue, said Marchant, NCP’s artistic director.Rose Villa wins becau... Read More »

Marketing Your Innovations

May 17, 2016
LeadingAge Magazine writer John Mitchell interviewed Rose Villa CEO, Vassar Byrd and Facilities Director, John Schallberger about how modern technology affects the service delivery in a senior living ... Read More »

Foodservice and Sustainability

May 16, 2016
Food and Beverage Director, Steven Brower, shares his knowledge regarding food sustainability and safety when sourcing food locally. Read Sustaining the Bottom Line by Dana Moran of FoodService Direc... Read More »

Portland- One of the top 25 Coolest Places to Retire!

Mar 25, 2016
Portland is #5 on the list and Rose Villa fits the bill. Writer Charlene Oldham quotes Rose Villa's CEO Vassar:  “Oregon is a ‘come-as-you-are’ state where you can carve out th... Read More »

Rose Villa couple share secrets of long marriage

Mar 16, 2016
Long-lasting love is in bloom at Rose Villa, where two couples who moved into the community last October met to compare notes about their decades-long marriages.Meet Elliott & Marina McIntire and ... Read More »

10 Steps to Finding the Right Nursing Home for Mom and Dad

Feb 19, 2016
Erin Cornell, director of health services at Rose Villa in Portland, Oregon, says many people find themselves scrambling to locate a nursing home after an emergency situation or hospitalization.Read m... Read More »