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At Rose Villa, our mission is to support older adults to live the life of their own choosing, not choose that life for them. What does that mean? It means living life your way. It means a change in address – not a change in your lifestyle. It’s the life you desire at a pace you decide – within and beyond our lush, 22-acre campus. It’s simple: at Rose Villa, you can live life to the fullest, surrounded by a community of friends and amenities. This is your time, your place, your terms. Interested in becoming a member of our Future Resident Club? Click here 

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Avencia Home Care

We often hear that this is “the most compelling amenity we offer.” Rose Villa departs from the conventional approach to traditional assisted living. Unlike communities that make you move when you need a little more assistance, Rose Villa will bring the licensed, in-home care services you need, when you schedule them, and where you want them most: in the privacy of your home at Rose Villa. This innovative approach empowers you to work one-to-one with staff to create your ideal care schedule, and encourages strong connections between residents and staff that are a hallmark of this community.
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Madrona Grove Supportive Living

At Madrona Grove, our 24-hour care neighborhood, licensed nurses and nursing assistants provide 24-hour care on both a long-term residential basis and for short-term recuperative stays. This is more than just a place where people receive nursing services. It is home. Reminiscent of a large, comfortable farmhouse, Madrona Grove features 32 individual rooms, each outfitted with its own private full bath and kitchenette. Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their room to their own tastes and preferences. The Madrona Grove neighborhood itself is divided into two households of sixteen residents who live, dine, cook, and participate in activities together, yet also have the privacy of their own space. Residents of Madrona Grove have access to all campus amenities and activities in addition to those being held in Madrona Grove itself. 

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When researching Life Plan Communities, otherwise known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), asking the right questions will help you narrow down your options. Doing your homework helps you make an informed decision and avoid unwanted surprises down the road. A good fit in a neighborhood where you know you can build community and connect with people who care for you and your well-being is empowering! Consider asking the following questions of any community you are evaluating (such as do they use the word facility vs. community). You will also find specific questions and answers for Rose Villa in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

A Life Plan Community (previously referred to as a CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Community) offers all the amenities and services of a retirement community, but with the very important advantage of access to health services for life—a continuum of care that includes assistive services brought to your Independent Living home by our Avencia Home Care team and 24-hour nursing in our Madrona Grove Supportive Living neighborhood. Life Plan Communities offer both financial and health care security. As your health and needs change, we adapt and support you in the ways you need us to. All of this support is secured by the Rose Villa Foundation, which provides financial security and peace of mind.

Moving to a Life Plan Community like Rose Villa and determining its fit for your personal and financial situation is as individual as you are! We encourage you to speak with a trusted financial advisor. In addition, please contact us if you would like to have our business office conduct a no-obligation financial pre-screening.

One of the benefits of moving to a Life Plan Community is a single monthly fee that covers most of your living. At Rose Villa, your monthly fees cover heating and cooling, internet, basic cable, housekeeping, interior and exterior building and ground maintenance, and a flexible monthly dining credit. Additionally, your fees include free use of wellness amenities, classes and creative arts studios. Please contact us for more information.

Entrance fees and monthly fees increase each January. Rose Villa strives to keep our annual increases as low as possible, because we know our residents are living on a fixed income. New fees are announced each December. 

We do have a waitlist, and the length of the wait is based on variables we aren’t able to influence or predict. Ideally, you are planning your future well in advance of considering a move to a Life Plan Community, because one of the challenges is the unpredictability of when you might need additional care. The cost to join our waitlist is $3,000, all of which is applicable when you pay your move-in fee.

Long-term care insurance does not cover independent living. Residents who have long-term care insurance may be able to use these benefits to pay for in-home care assistance and 24-hour nursing care. Because every long-term care insurance policy is different, you should contact your insurance agent to learn about the details of your policy. If you have long-term care insurance, it will be factored into your financial screening. 

Rose Villa, like other Life Plan Communities, is licensed and regulated by the state of Oregon as single-site non-profit continuing care retirement community. Our annual financial reports and disclosures are always available. Contact us to view the most recent. 

Rose Villa offers both public and private transportation. TriMet stops at our front door Monday through Friday, and the new MAX Light Rail Orange Line is nearby. Our private transportation for residents includes a shuttle bus, van, two town cars with drivers and surrey carts for on-campus roaming.

This is an important question and a true distinction for us. At Rose Villa, our mission is to support older adults in the life of their own choosing. That starts with independent living and continues through your continuum of care. Our goal is to keep you as independent as possible for as long as possible, in your own independent living home. When the time comes that you or your partner need additional care, Rose Villa’s Avencia In-Home Care Services team will work with you and your medical team to build a custom plan of support. When or if you require 24-hour supportive care, that decision will be made by your medical team, in full collaboration with our health services team.