So here’s the deal. We look at life as a partnership. To get the most out of life, you have responsibilities to yourself and to others. What you are capable of gets bigger, the broader your network. The scope of your life expands with the other lives you touch. Yes, DEFINITELY sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s play – all of it is growth.

Rose Villa is about the power of community. We really do think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Even more important, you never know exactly how it’s going to turn out! Life is exciting. And we are IN IT 100%.

Our partnership with you means you can customize the home you live in, use our large and varied number of gathering spaces to pursue your interests and passions, partake in any of the wide array of classes, seminars, performances, or workshops you like, simply spend time in your garden plot in our two-acre community garden, or hang out on our rooftop deck drinking coffee and reading….we’ve designed our community to support the life you want to live, whatever it may be.

And your partnership with us means we expect you to really bring it! An honest all-in attitude, a collaborative approach, genuine curiosity and respect. This is what makes our community something special. It makes it a place you will find true friends, colleagues, kindred spirits, and fellow daredevils.

Who wouldn’t want a full, rich, authentic life?

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Residents’ Association Council


The Rose Villa Residents’ Association promotes an atmosphere of collaboration to ensure the social, spiritual, cultural, recreational, and environmental wellbeing of the whole community. An elected council provides a representative framework for residents to discuss ideas, areas of concern, and participate in decision making that supports the lifestyles of all residents.

The Council Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and nine Councilors manage the affairs of the Association. The Councilors support groups and activities of specific interest to members of the Association. Each Councilor is also responsible for a particular theme.


The Council encourages all residents to participate in resident groups and activities, as they choose.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

We believe in creating an environment that acknowledges and welcomes everyone. Rose Villa has a strong, diverse resident and staff population who help inform much of Rose Villa’s work on DEIA initiatives.

Mission Statement:
The Rose Villa DEIA Coordinating Committee is charged with creating a welcoming environment for residents, staff, and community members. The Committee consists of residents, staff, and board members who represent all facets of Rose Villa. We seek to foster a community culture that is curious, respectful, and accepting. We acknowledge that by respectfully sharing our differences of opinion and ideas, we build a stronger, more creative, and inclusive place to live, work, and play.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the DEIA Coordinating Committee is to guide Rose Villa to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all aspects of its work. The Committee pledges to provide continuing education and opportunities to reinforce and uphold these values.

Rose Villa Land Acknowledgement
Rose Villa recognizes that our community stands on the ancestral lands of the Clackamas Chinookan people of the Willamette waterway, who, after forced removal, became part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde under the Willamette Valley Treaty, 1855. We honor them, and the environment that has been their home for many thousands of years. We respect their cultures and their deep knowledge of how to live with the natural world. We recognize the resilience of these people, past and present. Today, they continue to maintain strong connections to their ancestral homelands. We commit ourselves to learning more about our American Indian neighbors and building meaningful relationships with them. We expect this statement to change and grow as we learn more.


Future Resident Club

Even if you may not move to Rose Villa for several years, you can begin enjoying your good life now as a member of our Future Resident Club – a special program for people planning for their retirement in advance. Once you decide on Rose Villa as your future home and complete the application, you can immediately access these amenities. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Future Resident Club Amenities

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