What gets YOU up in the morning?  

At a recent conference, one of the big questions the keynote asked of us was what makes you get up and go to work in the morning?  (And do you know why your staff do the same?). The first thing that popped into my mind was the Rose Villa Life Guard Corps.  No, they aren't the only reason but they are an example of the kind of cool, buff, rock star activities that the people who live here do on a regular basis. It sprang up and made me smile and think, YES, THE POSSIBILITIES!

That's it, though.  There's no lid on this thing!  I work in an environment that is rich with possibility.  The wide open throttle of what an engaged community can do, and the creativity and power that brings forth is astonishing.  Equally energizing to me is the opportunity to develop great co-workers into leaders of depth and magnitude.  It's not that I know very much, it's just that sometimes I have the sense to get out of the way and give people the resources to make some magic.  It's my job to nurture a collaborative culture, to ask a lot of questions, to cheerlead, sometimes to drop the hammer, always to tell the truth, yes, but all of that is in the service of making the dance floor just as big as it can be to give the people who live here and those who work here as much space as possible to BRING IT.

Thanks for getting me to work each morning.