March 25, 2020 - Vassar Byrd, CEO | Community

It feels like a time when you are constantly bracing for the next piece of bad news.  Almost as if your body is permanently and defensively crouched.  (Which you gotta BELIEVE is not good for that body. Or mind. Or spirit.)

It is the kind of time that I feel the most grateful to be connected to a community that is bigger than just me and my family.  It goes way beyond the obvious – access to better information, resources, even TOILET PAPER if I need it.  The true benefit is the knowledge and experience of being one with others, uniting to either get a project done or, as in this case, fight an invisible threat.  There is something in that experience that makes each one of us bigger, braver, smarter, and focused on the wellbeing of others.  Indeed, now is a calling to be our best selves.

Television and other media may show you the worst of people in a situation like this.  My overwhelming experience at Rose Villa is that we rise to the best of ourselves when called upon. We will rise above this to be better human beings to each other and the greater community. I know it, and I have seen it.

Our resilience comes from the rich experience that each of us brings to this group and a focus on what we can do now.  Yes, you must see the brutal truth, accept reality, and then take the next step.  We can’t change what is happening around us.  We can absolutely decide how we respond to it.

At Rose Villa, focusing on what we CAN do means…..

I’d love to hear what YOU are doing, either in your neighborhood, or within your own household, to continue to connect with the people you care about as well as take good care of yourself emotionally and spiritually. And, if you are inclined, to please share those efforts on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, showcasing how we are #TogetherAtRoseVilla. Together is much more than simply physically close.  It means united in our commitment to support, friendship, and strength during a time of unprecedented crisis. You will also see us posting updates throughout the coming weeks, showcasing our staff’s commitment to being #TogetherAtRoseVilla.

Yes, these are hard times.  Yet we are continuing to connect and thrive.  We have been through tough times before.  The only way forward is…. forward. We can do this.