September Staff Recognition: Celebrating Caregivers

September 9, 2019 - Jennifer Werdel | Staff

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Rose Villa’s mission is to support older adults to live the life of their own choosing. We honor individuals while building a like-minded community of support for residents and staff.  Often that means that we don’t take the easiest path. We do what’s right and what aligns with our core values. From the start, our goal is to keep residents as independent as possible for as long as possible in their own independent living home. Frankly, this isn’t the easiest way to provide care as residents age, however, it is this unwavering focus on keeping residents in the driver’s seat that continues to distinguish Rose Villa’s philosophy of care.

 Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to care for our residents with such compassion and attention if it weren’t for Rose Villa’s own in-home care agency, Avencia, and its passionate and committed team of care providers.

During September, we will be celebrating our caregivers, who give so much and care so deeply. Kicking this effort off is Erica Schafer, a caregiver who has been with Rose Villa since 2017. Erica puts the needs and well-being of the residents she cares for first and foremost. Just one example: when one of the residents she attends to wanted to join the Rose Villa Choir but was worried she would need too much help, Erica joined the choir along with her to ensure she could get to and from rehearsals and have the help she needed while there. 

Erica’s commitment to older adults is rooted in her belief that nothing is more important than building inclusive and resilient intergenerational communities where we live, work and play. In pursuit of her vision, she is shaping her encore career in aging services via Portland Community College's Gerontology program. So passionate is Erica’s commitment to changing the paradigm of aging that she has been recognized by Leading Age Oregon as the Caring Spirit Award winner for 2019. Erica will be featured at the national Leading Age conference in an exhibit entitled “What if we Celebrated our Caregivers” highlighting one outstanding caregiver from each state.  It’s a tremendous honor to be acknowledged at both the state and national level, and we are incredibly proud of Erica.

Next time you see a caregiver, take the time to thank them for their service. You will likely make their day!