10 Online Resources to Battle COVID Boredom in 2021

March 15, 2021 | Staff | Community | Events | Advice | Residents

10 Online Resources to Battle COVID Boredom in 2021

In Oregon we are closing in on the one-year anniversary of Governor Brown’s historic “Stay-At-Home” order due to COVID-19."  Only the most educated scientists and infectious disease experts anticipated that this was not going to be a temporary situation. Indeed, many workers and students were initially excited about the opportunity to work or school from home as a break from their normal routines.

A year later, the appeal of staying home, whether for work, school, or anything else, may feel as though it has lost its shine. Many may feel trapped, antsy and just down-right tired of being cooped up.

The good news? In the beginning of “lock-down” many companies and organizations stepped up to provide free software trials and online events to help people adapt to life during a pandemic.  We wondered, and you may be too, what is available now, a year later when the need for distraction may be even greater.

Here are 10 of the best FREE (or close to free) online resources you can enjoy from home in 2021!

  1. If you are missing travel and the great outdoors, you cannot go wrong with the free live streams from org. From the savannas of Africa, to a corral of newborn puppies, there is something for everyone here.
  2. Give me more nature, you say? Thanks to a partnership between Google Arts and Culture and five national parks, you can tour from home complete with local park rangers and incredible photography.
  3. Before the pandemic hit, adult coloring books were popular and trendy. According to the Cleveland Clinic, they help relax the brain by focusing on a simple task. Here is a way to explore coloring with free pages from Crayola.
  4. You may not be entertaining guests for dinner just yet, but why not get ready for when you will. Or better yet, cook something wonderful just for yourself! Learn all the best basics and new kitchen techniques here from The Kitchn.com.
  5. Online shopping is now second nature thanks to the pandemic. Local brick and mortar shops have suffered due to the pandemic, yet supporting local businesses is more important than ever. Here is a great way to support small businesses near you through one of the most prominent online retailers, Amazon. Check out Support Small.
  6. To help ease stress or anxiety and improve sleep, experts give the free meditation app Insight Timer highest marks. If you are a beginner, you can’t go wrong with free courses here as well.
  7. In addition to working from home, learning from home has transformed during COVID-19. Why not take advantage of extra time at home to learn a new language? You can learn one language for free, forever, with Duolingo.
  8. Sadly, the number of scams and frauds has increased since COVID began. The AARP provides a free resource center (no membership required!) to help spot and avoid dozens of different scams and you can sign up for free “watchdog alerts” as well.
  9. Keeping your brain active is important all the time and even more so when boredom from COVID rules the day. Try Luminosity for three free brain games daily. The app’s games on research and science are designed to improve cognition.  
  10. Last but certainly not least, while COVID has tested us all in ways we could have never foreseen, take the time to notice all the good things happening in the world. For inspirational stories, motivational quotes, and a daily dose of “news that inspires”, you can turn to Daily Good. The site has been sending daily affirmations of “goodness” for sixteen years!

The internet is full of so much information, it can be overwhelming. We hope this list will make your home life better and just a little bit easier.  Please feel free to share any resources you are enjoying!

Be well!