Weathering the Worst Weather! A Resident Perspective on Life in Community During the 2021 Winter Storm

February 25, 2021 - Carol Brownlow, Rose Villa Resident | Community | Advice | Residents

Weathering the Worst Weather! A Resident Perspective on Life in Community During the 2021 Winter Storm

Recently, Rose Villa, along with most of the Willamette Valley, experienced an historic winter storm that left the community, and much of Portland, without power for days. Like everything we’ve faced as a community in the past year, Rose Villa staff and residents came together to see each other through safely. Whether you are a longtime resident, are planning us as your future home, or are just interested in more information about life in community, we hope the below resident testimonial illuminates how Rose Villa takes care of people. We are truly stronger together!

If you are considering living at Rose Villa, you may be wondering how they managed the recent power outage here on campus. As a four-year resident, I was curious myself how they would keep all of us warm and safe.

Let me assure you, the staff here met and exceeded any expectations I may have had. First, they kept us informed every few hours on what was being done and what we could expect. They sent regular emails, but also delivered hard copies for those who might not have a computer or Wifi. 

To help keep neighbors who had lost power warm, staff started by contacting those few residents who had not lost power and asking them to take in fellow residents. The majority did just that. I was one of the fortunate ones who was rescued and spent three days and nights with hospitable and generous hostesses whom I barely knew. Every day, the staff went house to house and took assistance to anyone who needed it, including hand warmers and warm beverages. Several residents were transported to the Monarch Hotel, so they had private rooms and food available. Some who had pets were taken to the Performing Arts Center, where we still had central heat and power, and given cots and mats. 

Every resident was provided with two hot meals a day (complimentary) and sandwiches, chips, and cookies for the third meal. The meals were hand carried to each residence. The ice was treacherous, so we residents were urged to stay in while the staff came door to door and took cell phones where they could be charged and we could stay connected to our friends and family. I was blown away. 

No one could have predicted the storm and power outage we experienced, but for 4+ days, Rose Villa was there day and night to ensure our comfort and safety. I don’t know what more they could have done. In dealing with an emergency of this magnitude, they were awesome. 

If you have questions as to whether you should give up your home, your familiar security, and put your lives and safety in the hands of strangers, I doubt if you could make a better choice than Rose Villa. We look forward to your joining us.