Beans, beans, the magical fruit.

March 4, 2019 - Jenny Dickow CDM, Rose Villa Dietary Manager | AdviceBlog Images - Beans medium.jpg

Beans, beans, the magical fruit.

Black beans, kidney beans and peas. We love the way they taste, but the potential side effects (excess flatulence) can be unpleasant enough to avoid eating them. Many people avoid eating legumes to abstain from gas, and Rose Villa’s residents are no different. Diets such as Paleo or autoimmune dietary protocols suggest avoiding beans (also classified as legumes), but Blue Zones research has correlated legume consumption with living a longer, healthier lives.


What are legumes?


What are some of the benefits to eating beans?


How can gas be avoided?


Why do some people avoid eating legumes?

Popular diets such as Paleo or autoimmune protocol diets may avoid certain foods like legumes due to their lectin content. Lectins are a carbohydrate binding protein found in many healthful foods such as legumes, whole grains and the nightshade family.


Who should add beans into their diet?

Want to eat more beans?

Try our new fresh Bean Salad at Harvest Grill featuring three different types of beans, peppadews, olive, onion, artichoke, tomato, cucumber and vinaigrette. 

Have you found a way to enjoy this superfood without the gas? Tell us about it!