Anticipation, change, and grace  

Although our dates have been pushed back by several weeks (a problem with the  furniture for South Main and the Harvest Grill – and not a thing we can do about it), the

anticipation of everyone being on the same contiguous campus is pretty intense. I will have been in my construction trailer in the employee parking lot for two full years (along with our Business Office, Foundation Office, and Human Resources) by the time we can step back across River Road for good. The community will have been without a Lobby and a proper restaurant for six months. It has been a tough and long wait, but we really can see the finish line. We will be joining a campus that has expanded and improved the services and amenities which are available for staff and residents. A place where we can order an espresso drink and sip it on the rooftop deck, go for a swim or a ride down the water slide, work out with a huge variety of options, read a magazine in the brand new library, get messy in the art studio, get a massage after circuit training, contemplate the meaning of life (or what we want for dinner) on a bench in the park at North Main, host a family gathering in the outdoor event space in our Community Garden, or join friends for a meditation circle in the Tranquility Room, to name just a few things… I am excited to see everyone living in these spaces we have worked so hard to create. Yes, we will most certainly improve and change and tweak these buildings as we see them. I expect this community to continue to grow and change, and so the way we use our campus will evolve right along with the people who live here. Tenacious in the face of disruption, gracious in your response to challenge, eager to welcome and meet new friends and neighbors - see such deep heart and soul at Rose Villa, every day. Always, that quality, that warmth and curiosity, engagement and energy, that is what Rose Villa means to me.