Anti-Inflammatory Diet Menu  

This month, we will look at the Harvest Grill menus in relation to an anti-inflammatory diet and provide tips and tricks on how to manipulate the menu to fit within the scope of those dietary recommendations.

Anti-inflammatory diets align well with what many mainstream nutritionists are likely to suggest for a healthy eating routine – lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fatty fish, vegetable-based proteins (like nuts and beans), and fresh herbs and spices. The foods you will want to avoid on an anti-inflammatory diet include processed meats (like bacon), high fat dairy, fried foods, and sugary foods.

Many Harvest Grill entrees are designed with one or two of these elements, but perhaps the sauce or the starch on the plate veer you off course. Fear not, we can substitute, leave off, or put on the side many items to adhere to an anti-inflammatory diet. Below you will find a week’s worth of options for an anti-inflammatory diet that we are able to accommodate on the current Harvest Grill menu.

Seared Salmon (high in Omega-3s & Folate). Substitute a lemon wedge for butter. Keep the quinoa & brown rice medley – both great high fiber & magnesium-rich options. Add a daily vegetable and a cup of polyphenol-rich hot green tea.

A Spring Turkey Wrap as a salad (includes spinach, almonds, berries, goat cheese, and a strawberry-poppyseed vinaigrette). Ask to substitute grilled chicken for the turkey. Add a side of prebiotic-rich grilled asparagus.

*Note: while cheeses should be avoided in anti-inflammatory diets, goat cheese is lower in lactose and is typically easier to digest than cow’s milk cheeses.

Peanut Curry with no meat or tofu, sub extra vegetables. Curry contains a plethora of antioxidant rich spices including turmeric, curry powder, and garlic. Peanuts offer an additional boost of plant-based protein, and steamed vegetables are rich in folates and magnesium. Brown rice provides a high-fiber starch base.

A Harvest Grill Field Green Salad with strawberry-poppyseed dressing. Add avocado, a good fiber source. Add grilled asparagus, a good folate and prebiotic source. Add shrimp, high in Omega-3’s.

A Spring Bounty Bowl. Substitute steamed vegetables for the roasted corn. Substitute plain almonds, high in magnesium, for the maple-glazed walnuts.

Bistro Steak (High in Omega-3s). Substitute chimichurri sauce – an oil-based sauce full of nutritive dense herbs – for the demi-glace. Replace the baked potato with a side of black-eyed peas, a plant-based protein, and a daily vegetable or a side field green salad with plain balsamic vinegar. Add a glass of polyphenol-rich red wine.

Vegan Tofu Scramble. Substitute extra black-eyed peas for the tofu. Your servers are here to help! Let them know your dietary restrictions, and we are happy to navigate the menu together, to create a delicious meal that fits within the parameters of your specific diet.