Construction Begins!

July 14, 2014 marked a significant milestone in Rose Villa's history. The much anticipated redevelopment project construction phase officially began. First item up is de-construction. For some time now, workers have been identifying reusable and recyclable building materials for removal to greatly reduce the amount of materials being sent to the landfill. Large donations of building materials were made to Habitat for Humanity and even landscaping materials and plants were re-purposed and transplanted.

The landscape is rapidly changing. Progress is made each and every day, unearthing the foundations for which this community was built upon more than 50 years ago. As buildings come down, the land will be prepared for the construction of new homes, Main Street, and all of the wonderful new common spaces that will be open for all to enjoy. What an exciting time!




Rose Villa construction 1959

Construction 1959


Rose Villa Decostruction 2014

Deconstruction 2014

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