Construction Continues!

August 14, 2014

We are exactly one month into the construction phase of the redevelopment project! These are exciting times indeed.  As we move through the process of removing buildings and grading the property, the change in landscape has made quite an impact on those driving by or stopping to visit. We hear “where did everybody go?” An understandable question, especially if you approach Rose Villa from the north.

As you drive by the main entrance, what you are seeing is the removal of a large common building as well as a number of homes that were vacant in preparation for this project. The short of it, is that we are still all here! What you can’t see, are the homes that remain to the north and south of the main construction area. These homes sit nestled into the slope of the property leading west toward the river and to our southern property line. Their location makes it difficult or impossible to see them from River Road.

Construction Rose Villa

What you will see by approaching Rose Villa from River Rd., is a basement area “giant hole in the ground” being dug to accommodate mechanical equipment like pumps, pipes, and filters for our aquatics facility that will be a major element of our new wellness center. In other words, A POOL!

Dig out for pool Rose Villa

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