So here’s the deal. We look at life as a partnership. To get the most out of life, you have responsibilities to yourself and to others. What you are capable of gets bigger, the broader your network. The scope of your life expands with the other lives you touch. Yes, DEFINITELY sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s play – all of it is growth.

Rose Villa is about the power of community. We really do think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Even more important, you never know exactly how it’s going to turn out! Life is exciting. And we are IN IT 100%.

Our partnership with you means you can customize the home you live in, use our large and varied number of gathering spaces to pursue your interests and passions, partake in any of the wide array of classes, seminars, performances, or workshops you like, simply spend time in your garden plot in our two-acre community garden, or hang out on our rooftop deck drinking coffee and reading….we’ve designed our community to support the life you want to live, whatever it may be.

And your partnership with us means we expect you to really bring it! An honest all-in attitude, a collaborative approach, genuine curiosity and respect. This is what makes our community something special. It makes it a place you will find true friends, colleagues, kindred spirits, and fellow daredevils.

Who wouldn’t want a full, rich, authentic life?

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Residents' Council Association

The Rose Villa Resident Council represents many facets of life on campus. It pulls together representatives of all of the volunteer and interest groups into a defining body that can act on behalf of all residents. It is one of the three avenues of responsibility and vision at Rose Villa: the Board, the staff, and the residents. It is the voice of the residents, and a valuable partner to help make decisions about how the campus works now and in the future.

Resident Stories

We appreciate that deciding to move to Rose Villa is an important decision in living your best life. Meet people who have walked in your shoes and how they navigated their path to community living.
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Whether you are looking for information about Rose Villa or reading our recent articles, you’ve come to the right place. Rose Villa is regularly featured in local and industry media. If you are a member of the media, please contact us.


The American Institute of Architects Award Design for Aging Review awarded Rose Villa the Award of Merit. Read about the honor here. 
Melisse with Scott Edwards Architecture delivers a cart full of plans for our new neighborhoods. We are looking forward to celebrating groundbreaking in December 2017. 

Rose Villa's Wellness Director, Rene' Swar, shares simple and sound tips for balance support in the article Find your Balance: Don't Overlook this Essential Part of Staying Fit.
Rose Villa CEO, Vassar Byrd provides insight into signs that a move might be right for someone. Read the full article here.

The first of its kind in the Portland, Oregon Senior Living marketplace, this neighborhood stands out as the ideal living option for sustainable minded individuals. Rose Villa has partnered with Green Hammer to develop this one of a kind Net Zero energy neighborhood.

The newly planned Net Zero Energy pocket neighborhood will consist of 12 cottage units that will produce as much energy (through the use of solar panels) as they will consume over the course of a year. The residences are organized as triplexes clustered around a central courtyard that features native landscaping, including two heritage oak trees at the heart of the site. Due to the site’s flat topography, each triplex includes two ground floor units and one upper unit served by both a private stair and residential elevator.

We are taking advance reservation deposits on this neighborhood now!

The Garden Grove Neighborhood is situated next to our 2-acre community garden. A prime setting for nature lovers, this neighborhood will be lush with greenery and very private. These homes will have fantastic views!

This neighborhood has ten homes in two buildings. There is one duplex on the west side of the property, which is one level and has sweeping views of the community garden. The height of this building allows for the remaining homes in the easternmost building on the property to access beautiful views. The sloping terrain of the property presents the opportunity to build into the slope much like the Phase 1 Pocket Neighborhood Cottages. The first floor will be ground level with entrances and porches facing west. The second floor will have entrances facing east and balconies facing westerly. The top floor has two premier homes accessed by an elevator or stairs and both with amazing outdoor living spaces with spectacular views.

We are taking reservation deposits for the Garden Grove neighborhood now!
Rose Villa was featured in the publication Facility Executive, highlighting connection to community as a major decision factor for seniors looking for a Life Plan Community.

From the text:
Active seniors want pedestrian-friendly senior living communities such as Rose Villa in Portland, OR, which not only provide areas for physical exercise, but also venues that encourage social contact with others. Walking paths with places to sit and gather are becoming more common, as are outdoor gardens and landscaping.

Read the full article here.
The North Pocket Neighborhood is an extension of the Phase 1 Pocket Neighborhood. Influenced by the original design, this neighborhood is comprised of eighteen homes ranging from 1000 to 1700 square feet. In the spirit of the pocket neighborhood design, these homes are clustered around a beautiful garden setting just a short distance away from Main Street. 

Each home will have its own personal garden space and have views to the west, overlooking community and to the Willamette River. While each building is two floors, the homes are one level, creating the opportunity for balconies on the 2nd floor. No elevators needed here! The terrain of the property allows for ground level entry no matter which home you choose. Come see the unique design for yourself in our Phase 1 Pocket Neighborhood. 

We are taking advanced deposits for this neighborhood now!
Rose Villa Resident, Zoe Taylor, shares her experience of living minimally and living comfortably in a vibrant community. 

Read the full article here.
Jeanette Schuster with Tonkon Torp Attorneys offers insight into Rose Villa's Phase 2 construction project. Read the article here.
Environments for Aging Magazine profiles Rose Villa's innovative design and classic village concept. Read all about the long-standing community and recent renovation project here.

The April 23, 2017 edition of The Oregonian featured an article in print and also online, which serves to shed light on the information found on the Oregon Department of Human Services website regarding long-term care facilities. Rose Villa’s Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Madrona Grove, is regulated by the State of Oregon as well as the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Rose Villa is a 5-star community, which reflects excellence in our annual health and fire inspections (conducted by Oregon State Surveyors and reported to CMS), staffing levels, and quality of care.  We fully support the goals of transparency and consumer access to meaningful information. The information compiled by the Oregonian about Rose Villa's record is largely based on self-reports and weights only the number of reports without regard for scope or severity of each instance. We stand by the quality of care and quality of life we afford to the residents who call Rose Villa home. 

Read More
Environments for Aging recognizes Rose Villa's Redevelopment with the Design Showcase Award of Merit for a built project. Read about the award here. 
U.S. News and World Report writer Maryalene LaPonsie shares perspectives on making the adjustment of moving to a Life Plan Community. Rose Villa's CEO, Vassar Byrd shares her insight. Read the full article here.
Rose Villa and construction partner R&H Construction became Blue Zones certified in 2017. At Rose Villa, employee wellness is is supported by Wellness Director, Rene' Swar and the Well-Being committee with activities like mid-day stretch breaks, walking groups, employee circuit training class, and fitness challenges. 
Read more here.
Rose Villa's reconstruction project was selected as a nominee and finalist by the Daily Journal of Commerce for its Top Projects 2017 award. Read about the Top Projects Awards here.

The Opening Minds through Art program at Rose Villa is more than an arts and crafts program at a senior community. This intergenerational art group for people with dementia is giving Rose Villa's 10 resident artists a professional-quality art experience, and is allowing volunteers to build one-on-one relationships with those artists.
Read the full article by Ellen Spitaleri here.
Opening Minds through Art is an intergenerational art program for people with dementia. Rose Villa Senior Living is the first and currently only Portland-area retirement community to hold these classes staffed by volunteers who go through five hours of training before meeting the artists.
Learn more about the Opening Minds Through Art program here.
Rose Villa is nominated for Senior Housing News Architecture and Design Awards.
View nomination here.
In six states, most people retire by age 62. In nine states, it's 65. Here's what's behind those differences.
Read more here.
Rose Villa Senior Living, located just outside of Portland, Oregon, has made a point of welcoming LGBT elders. The community, which offers independent and assisted living, also has a nursing home on site.
Learn how Rose Villa is changing the landscape of staff training.

Partners Edwin Fisher, 86, and Patrick Mizelle, 64, moved to Rose Villa in Portland, Oregon, from from Georgia about three years ago. Fisher and Mizelle worried residents of senior living communities in Georgia wouldn’t accept their gay lifestyle. (Anna Gorman/KHN)
Learn more about their story here.

They are all so diverse, yet they have one thing in common; they are the world's best places to live! View the list here (hint: scroll to #5!)
The weather was perfect on Aug. 23 and smiles were the order of the day as Rose Villa Senior Living CEO Vassar Byrd cut the big red ribbon and welcomed everyone to the grand reopening of the senior community.
Learn more about the celebration here.

The theater company wins because Rose Villa’s new Performing Arts Center provides the community theater group with a new venue, said Marchant, NCP’s artistic director.
Rose Villa wins because its residents don’t have to drive to Portland to see plays and musical productions, said Rose Villa CEO Byrd.
And the entire community wins because everyone is welcome to come to Rose Villa, park for free, have a meal, and walk to the theater to see a production.
Learn more about the partnership here.

LeadingAge Magazine writer John Mitchell interviewed Rose Villa CEO, Vassar Byrd and Facilities Director, John Schallberger about how modern technology affects the service delivery in a senior living community. Read More

Food and Beverage Director, Steven Brower, shares his knowledge regarding food sustainability and safety when sourcing food locally.

Read Sustaining the Bottom Line by Dana Moran of FoodService Director Magazine 

Portland is #5 on the list and Rose Villa fits the bill. Writer Charlene Oldham quotes Rose Villa's CEO Vassar: 

“Oregon is a ‘come-as-you-are’ state where you can carve out the life you want to live. We embrace quirky and consider it one of our greatest attributes.” “Our world-class wine region, beautiful mountains, easy ocean access and lack of sales tax make Oregon a compelling place to retire.”

Read More
Long-lasting love is in bloom at Rose Villa, where two couples who moved into the community last October met to compare notes about their decades-long marriages.

Meet Elliott & Marina McIntire and James & Carol Carthel.
Read More
Erin Cornell, director of health services at Rose Villa in Portland, Oregon, says many people find themselves scrambling to locate a nursing home after an emergency situation or hospitalization.
Read more about how to make decisions on your schedule.

Balancing Quality of Life with Safety and Risk

Vassar Byrd, Rose Villa CEO, will join a panel of professionals at the Wellspring Conference center on January 11, 2016. Presented by Making Oregon Vital for Elders, the group will explore a variety of perspectives related to maintaining resident independence while ensuring their safety. The group will also discuss innovative ways providers achieve balance with independence and safety.

Read More
Changing the way we care. Rose Villa's CEO, Vassar Byrd, will deliver the keynote address at a January 2016 Contemplative Coference presented by Noraopa University. A nationally recognized speaker and visionary, Ms. Byrd’s leadership with Rose Villa represents a new model for senior living that has integrated a contemplative approach with stunning results—a richer, more nourishing experience for those facing end of life and for those who care for them. Join us for an exciting look at what’s working and what’s possible for the future of contemplative care. The conference will take place at the Boulder, CO University. Read More
Donald Cresap, a B-24 bomber pilot in WWII, was presented the Air Medal on Saturday in Portland. The medal is awarded for meritorious achievement while in aerial flight. U. S. Senator Ron Wyden presented the award to Cresap, saying "Don is joining a very very exclusive club. According to Sen. Wyden, others in the Air Medal club include Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, Clarke Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Chuck Yeager. Read More
Rose Villa's two acre resident-run community garden serves as a significant resource for produce for not only the residents that manage their individual plots and the seasonal farmer's market, but also for the communities restaurants. Residents and staff collaborated on a project to create a sustainable source of fertilizer for the garden and entire 22 acre property. Read More
Rene' Swar, Ros Villa's Wellness Director is Co-Chair of the Portland Community College Technology Fitness Board.  This is a working committee of the top fitness professionals in the tri county area. Rene' states "Our main objective is to work together to ensure that the PCC Fitness Technology program is delivering instruction that is current, up to date, and relevant to current business, industry, labor, and professional employment practices.  This year we will be working on procuring funds for internship scholarships, marketing the program to area gyms and helping to host continuing education workshops".

Rene' Swar is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.
The finishing touches are being put on our modernized cottages and new residents are starting to move in. The Daily Journal of Commerce shares Rose Villa's latest construction developments. Read More
Kathleen Bauer with Willamette Living magazine featured Rose Villa's Chef KathrynYeoman's in this October/November 2015 issue. Read More
At the Portland Business Journal’s recent roundtable discussion on health policy ( “Mapping reform’s next big road bumps,” Aug. 21), the discussion turned to a huge topic.  Rose Villa CEO met with the Portland Business Journal's Elizabeth Hayes to discuss. Read More
When Rose Villa was built 57 years ago on a bluff overlooking the Willamette River, it probably seemed like the latest and greatest example of senior living. After several generations came and went, the community began to show its age. Join Rose Villa CEO Vassar Byrd, and Portland Business Journal's Elizabeth Hayes as they walk through the extenive remodel of this vibrant, active community. Read More
More seniors are working longer, playing harder and loving every minute of it. Just ask Don and Elsie, who are living life they way they choose and are "having the time of their lives" as residents of Rose Villa. Read More
The all-volunteer program was started in 2013, when a previous social worker at Rose Villa recognized there was a need. Residents who volunteer for the program provide 24/7 care, “at the drop of a hat,” Reid said. Read More
On July 24, the Portland Business Journal gathered a panel of health care experts from all points of the spectrum — insurance, health systems, physicians, senior care, the Oregon Health Authority, a lawmaker, a health economist and a consumer advocate — to discuss healthcare policy and other challenges facing the industry. Rose Villa CEO Vassar Byrd was invited to join this group to weigh in on these issues and to lend her senior provider prospective. Read More

Balancing Quality of Life with Safety and Risk Vassar Byrd, Rose Villa CEO, will join a panel of professionals at the Wellspring Conference center on January 11, 2016. Presented by Making Oregon Vital for Elders, the group will explore a variety of perspectives related to maintaining resident independence while ensuring their safety. The group will also discuss innovative ways providers achieve balance with independence and safety. Read More
The November 23, 2014 Sunday Oregonian Homes section features Rose Villa and how new construction of pocket garden cottages and main street homes enhance the now 54 year old community. Classic cottages dot the landscape, taking full advantage of the 22 acres perched above the Willamette River just south of Portland. New amenities and homes begin opening late in the fall of 2015. Learn how Rose Villa is building a neighborhood so you can find community.
Writer Janet Eastman recently sat down with Don Cresap aka "Mr. Tomato" and Bob Zimmer to talk about the community farmer's market and how their involvement helps the market to flourish. Don and Bob offer unique ideas and friendly smiles while offering produce for sale that benefits the Rose Villa Foundation. Read More
In her quest to identify a senior community that could serve her vegan diet needs, Sue Griffin found herself at Rose Villa. In the following article by Food Day writer Grant Butler, Sue shares her experience with plant based eating and how it changed her life. Read More
Several weeks ago, the excavation project for the aquatics center began to really take shape. As tons of earth was removed from where the Fellowship Hall once stood, just off River Road, a very large, impressive pit revealed what is to be the mechanical "basement" of the planned aquatics center. As the pit was prepared for next steps, excitement grew! Concrete pouring began this week, pushing the project one step closer to the finish line. When complete, the new wellness area will feature a pool, therapy (and fun) features such as a moving river which you can float in or use for resistance, and a water slide. YES! Water slide!
We are exactly one month into the construction phase of the redevelopment project! These are exciting times indeed. As we move through the process of removing buildings and grading the property, the change in landscape has made quite an impact on those driving by or stopping to visit. We hear “where did everybody go?” An understandable question, especially if you approach Rose Villa from the north.
As you drive by the main entrance, what you are seeing is the removal of a large common building as well as a number of homes that were vacant in preparation for this project. The short of it, is that we are still all here! What you can’t see, are the homes that remain to the north and south of the main construction area. These homes sit nestled into the slope of the property leading west toward the river and to our southern property line. Their location makes it difficult or impossible to see them from River Road.
What you will see by approaching Rose Villa from River Rd., is a basement area “giant hole in the ground” being dug to accommodate mechanical equipment like pumps, pipes, and filters for our aquatics facility that will be a major element of our new wellness center. In other words, A POOL!
ACF Pro Chefs Oregon recently held their 5th Annual BBQ Competition at their picnic in Cook Park. Professional and Student level Chef’s brought in 4 teams each to compete for the glory of calling themselves 2014 BBQ champions!

Rose Villa Senior Living’s Executive Chef and event chair, Aaron Guerra, CEC, CDM. CFPP, ACE brought together an awesome group of competitors including students from two major culinary schools: Le Cordon Bleu College and NW Culinary Institute.

Rose Villa is a proud sponsor of this event and of other endeavors Chef Aaron Guerra champions such as The Bite of Oregon in support of Special Olympics.


Personalized answers provide a wealth of information and we encourage you to meet with us in person to discuss Rose Villa. In the meantime, here are Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful.
A Life Plan Community (previously referred to as a CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Community) offers all the amenities and services of a retirement community, but with the very important advantage of guaranteed access to health services for life—a continuum of care that includes assistive services brought to your Independent Living home by our Avencia Home Care team and 24-hour nursing in our Madrona Grove Supportive Living neighborhood. Life Plan Communities offer both financial and health care security. As your health and needs change, we adapt and support you in the ways you need us to. All of this support and promise is secured by the Rose Villa Foundation, which provides financial security and peace of mind.

Research has shown that, for years, the name ‘Continuing Care Retirement Community’ has given people a misleading impression of what communities like Rose Villa are. While, as a community which offers a continuum of care and are certainly are proud of our healthcare services, we offer so much more, and being a Life Plan Community helps us communicate that.

We have large residential homes with full-size appliances and all the amenities found in new homes today. More importantly, we offer fitness and wellness programs, fine dining, creative enrichment programs, socializing opportunities, and much, much more. And of course, we still take care of all the home maintenance, housekeeping, yard work and snow shoveling!

People that move to communities like Rose Villa tend to be planners, people who like to know they’ve made the decisions they need to make to ensure they have a solid plan in place for their future. A Life Plan Community provides just what you need. It allows “planning” and “living” to merge. Having a plan in place—the security of the safety net provided by the availability of healthcare, coupled with the freedom from not having to manage all the day-to-day tasks that come with homeownership—allows for living life to the fullest.

Life Plan Communities require a one-time membership fee plus a monthly fee. We offer a choice of three membership fee plans. Non-refundable, 80 percent refundable, or 50 percent refundable. Contact us (HYPERLINK) for specific pricing and floorplan availability.

As your health needs change, Rose Villa has the supportive living options which help you to maintain your independence. Avencia Home Care by Rose Villa and we have on-site long-term care available right in our community in our Madrona Grove neighborhood. Fee sheets and a-la-carte pricing is available through your Sales Representative.
There are various differences to consider when making a decision about your future home and healthcare needs and the available options offered at a Life Plan Community vs a for-profit month-to-month retirement community.

A licensed, non-profit Life Plan Community affords a real peace of mind, knowing that once you are screened for finances and approved, we will partner to support you throughout the next chapter of your life no matter what health needs arise, or if you were to outlive your funds. The Rose Villa Foundation backs up the promise of your Life Plan.

Rose Villa supports you to release your worries about making unnecessary moves due to the level of services you may need, being locked in to a restrictive meal plan, paying for services you don’t use, and ultimately the potential of future eviction for inability to pay.

Rose Villa’s not-for-profit status means we have no stakeholders reaping financial dividends. We invest profits right back into the community. Decision making is done right here, in collaboration with residents, where partnerships mean more than the bottom line.
The amount you pay for an entrance fee (the non-refundable portion) along with your monthly occupancy fees may provide you with significant tax benefits. Each year a calculation is made, prescribed by the IRS, that tells Rose Villa residents what percentage of their non-refundable fees and monthly fees are deemed qualified medical expenses.
Our occupancy is approximately 250 residents.
On average, 35-40 residents live in our fully licensed Madrona Grove Supportive Living (HYPERLINK) neighborhood.
Rose Villa offers both public and private transportation. TriMet stops at our front door Monday through Friday, and the new MAX Light Rail Orange Line is nearby. Our private transportation for residents includes a shuttle bus, van, two town cars with drivers and surrey carts for on-campus roaming.
Yes, friends and family can stay with you in your home, or can use one of our fully equipped guest suites for a nightly fee.
Yes, please invite friends and family to experience our wonderful Harvest Grill and Heirloom Garden Inspired Cuisine (HYPERLINK).
Every long-term care insurance policy is different, and you should contact your insurance agent to learn about the details of your policy.
YES! Rose Villa is pet friendly to friendly pets. We even have an off-leash dog park available for our furry friends to enjoy. Pet deposit fees are required and while we do not have size restrictions, we do work to pair you up with the home that is best suited for your pet’s needs.

Checklists and Resources

This is an important decision. We encourage people to become fully educated about the various options that are available to them when searching for a Life Plan Community (aka Continuing Care Retirement Community).

This checklist is a guide to information we discuss at your personal appointment when you visit Rose Villa. This is a useful tool for you to use to develop questions. Contact us today to set up your tour!

  • Assisted Living Philosophy and Services
  • Health Care Philosophy and Neighborhood
  • Financial Security through the Rose Villa Foundation
  • Services and Amenities
  • Dining
  • Active Life
  • Life Long Learning
  • Entrance and Monthly Fees
  • Becoming a Resident
  • Local Community

Helping a family member or friend?