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Rosebud Preschool is a Reggio-inspired, intergenerational preschool for children ages 24 months to five years old located on the campus of the Rose Villa Senior Living Community in Portland, Oregon. Our program was established with the goal of creating more than a school, but a community where children build the personal, social, and emotional skills needed to flourish in kindergarten and life.

Our Team

Rosebud preschool is staffed by a team of passionate, experienced, and creative teachers. We encourage you to contact any one of our staff members at any time if you have questions. Scroll over and click on our photos to learn more! 

Jennifer LoringDirector of Early Childhood Education & Intergenerational Programming

Amanda DuncanRosebud Preschool Director

Chris TschirleyTeacher

What is an Intergenerational Preschool?

An intergenerational preschool implements a program curriculum that intentionally incorporates different age groups – in this case, preschoolers and residents of Rose Villa – in a variety of situations that provides communication, sharing of ideas, and cooperative activities in meaningful tasks.

Intergenerational programs foster meaningful, cross-age relationships, which have been shown to improve social and emotional skills of children, while also decreasing social isolation and increasing older adults’ sense of belonging, well-being, and self-esteem.

Our program provides opportunities for seniors to volunteer for events and enrichment lessons, and also incorporates collaborative programs where seniors and children interact in daily activities and projects, including collaborative artwork, gardening, integrated games, neighborhood walks, and story time.

All activities and classroom time are directed by Rosebud staff and a dedicated liaison that works with the Rose Villa community to facilitate intergenerational programming and activities.

Rose Villa Senior Living

Reggio-Inspired, Emergent Curriculum

We follow an emergent, play-based curriculum, meaning that activities and projects are dictated by students’ naturally evolving interests. Our guiding philosophy is the Reggio Emilia Philosophy of early childhood education, which places an emphasis on art, environment, and community.

Learn more about our philosophy

Our philosophy translates into students’ daily activities in many ways:

  • Music: Music is a large part of our program, through the use of instruments and song in the classroom as well as through enrichment programs.
  • Problem Solving: Teachers provide students the tools and language to solve problems and conflicts rather than solving conflicts for them.
  • Helping Friends: Children are encouraged to seek help from their peers for small tasks, rather than teachers. This fosters strong interpersonal skills and independence.
  • Open Ended Materials: We incorporate open ended materials in our indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage imaginative play.
  • Art Studio: Art is incorporated into each day’s activities. Students have open access to a wide variety of mediums and materials.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios: Our program is designed to include up to 16 students. We staff two lead teachers and an assistant teacher to ensure low ratios and better engagement between students and staff. Toddler classes include up to 10 students with one lead and two assistant teachers. Senior volunteers and activity participants are not responsible for overseeing children or managing the classroom and are not factored into our ratios.

Social and Emotional Growth

Solving problems, engaging in social groups with peers, and practicing empathy are important skills that provide a strong foundation for children's long term development.  Children who learn these skills in their preschool years are more successful in their later schooling and life.  Fostering students' social and emotional growth is a primary focus of our program and we capitalize on opportunities to learn and practice these skills through naturally occurring interactions in the classroom as well as planned activities.

Enrichment Programs

We work with outside educators for enrichment programs, including yoga, music, African storytelling, and the Oregon Forest Resources Institute program, Talk About Trees. Enrichment programs provide an opportunity for students and seniors to engage with the community and also provides valuable exposure to new activities, ideas, and experiences.

Our Classroom

We place a lot of importance on creating an engaging environment for students that builds skills while allowing for open play, creativity, and exploration. 

Our space is a located within the Schroeder Lofts on the Rose Villa Campus, a new building that was designed and built specifically to house the Rosebud preschool. Our building features an open community area, a dedicated art studio, and a large outdoor play space.

Hours & Daily Rhythm

Program Hours:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Daily Rhythm

We have one enrichment program (music, yoga, etc.) per week, which takes place in the morning.

Morning snack and afternoon snack are provided. Parents are required to pack and send lunch to school with their child.

We also venture outside of the classroom to explore our community. Neighborhood walks and/or field trips take place frequently, with certain events scheduled regularly.


In setting our rates, we strive to keep tuition affordable for families, while also ensuring good wages and annual cost of living raises for our teachers. Tuition rates are set each year for the Fall, payments do not vary, even during months when there are closures.

2022 - 2023 tuition begins in March.

2023- 2024 tuition begins in August. 

We offer part-time and full-time enrollment (two-, three-, four-, and five-day schedules) but do not offer half-day options.

Preschool Tuition
EnrollmentMonthly RateFloorplan80% Refundable50% RefundableNon RefundableMonthly
2 days $650      
3 days $925      
4 days $1,150      
5 days $1,375      
Toddler Tuition 
EnrollmentMonthly RateFloorplan80% Refundable50% RefundableNon RefundableMonthly
2 days $1,100      
3 days $1,400      
4 days $1,700      
5 days $1,900      

Additional Fees:

Enrichment Fee: $300 one-time fee per school year; due at the beginning of the school year.

Non-refundable Fee: $300 due at enrollment to secure your child's place in the upcoming year's class. 

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