Three Myths About Senior Living Communities, Debunked!  

Our community was founded by people with the desire to create an inclusive, social culture that supports personal independence. Opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally are fostered every day. We feel so fortunate to provide our residents with these opportunities and journey with them in living the life they choose, but understand not every senior living community is the same. Here are three myths about senior living communities, debunked:

Moving into a senior living community means losing independence.

The exact opposite is true at Rose Villa. Our dynamic residents are doers by nature and we strive to offer choices – both on campus and off – that meet that go-getter attitude. Current and future residents are encouraged to find what groups and activities interest them at Rose Villa while maintaining a life outside our grounds. Ultimately, it’s about approaching life holistically and encouraging residents to set their own pace.


Residents in senior communities sit around all day.

From having our own dragon boat team to onsite gardening, yoga, meditation, and the countless activities centered around art, there are endless possibilities for residents to keep moving. Additionally, as new residents move in, they bring with them new ideas for community programs and involvement. We love getting suggestions from our residents and will work with them directly to implement community programs or initiatives they are passionate about.

Aside from our community programs and activities, we also host weekly and monthly events, such as community block parties with live music, dancing, food, and cocktails and inviting visiting artists, musicians, and performers to entertain our residents. We even hosted an onsite drag queen show last June in response to our residents’ request!

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The food offerings are bland or may be similar to a cafeteria school lunch.

One of the most unique offerings at Rose Villa, and one we are incredibly proud of, is our garden to table approach when creating our menus. At our Harvest Grill, all food is made from scratch, using high-quality, freshly grown ingredients. Our notable chefs whip up bold seasonal dishes with a rotating menu using grains, colorful veggies, and protein while avoiding ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and preservatives.

Similarly, our Heirloom restaurant offers a weekday breakfast and garden-inspired Sunday brunch, leveraging fresh fruits and vegetables from our very own community garden. We prioritize sourcing local ingredients to ensure residents receive not only the freshest ingredients, but also unique ones specific to the Pacific Northwest.

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While not every senior living community is like Rose Villa, we aim to be an example for how an inclusive, holistic approach enables residents to live their lives to the fullest. Rose Villa’s CEO along with all staff are committed to providing residents with options to live life how they choose. It’s no surprise that we continually attract people who strive to put all myths about senior living communities to rest!