You know how it can sometimes sneak up on you that you have just been working, head down, plugging away at the pyramids, gotta do this, gotta do that, everything part of your To Do List, everything planned, scheduled, optimized, multi-tasked, pinned down, time without end? You don't realize it, it just slowly and surely coalesces into a giant ball of work, filling your sight and life.

And then something causes you to whip your head up and open your eyes - an unexpected nose full of daphne, a sweet chorus of song bird in the black pre-dawn singing right into your kitchenbefore the coffee is even on, the shock of snow white Mt Hood against a flaming pink sunrise - and all of a sudden your feet are back underneath you and you are breathing deeply, shaking your head. What was I thinking? How could I miss a moment of this?Of course there is important work to do. But everything has its place. Don't lose yours.