On a recent Tuesday afternoon a happy group of residents gathered in our health center family room to celebrate one of life’s great wonders, the hug! January 21st is national Hug Day and we decided to celebrate with our first ever hug a thon. We talked about hugs, the power of connection and engaged in a mad frenzy of hugging! The joy in this group was palpable. The feelings of connection and positivity were flowing all over the room and through the whole health center. We learned that hugs are not only fun, they are actually necessary for our wellbeing. Did you know you need at least eight hugs a day to function at your optimal level? Or that hugging can ease your stress and increase overall relaxation in your body? Especially if those hugs are deep hugs where your bodies touch together and your hearts are pressed up against each other. Try it, give someone a real hug and notice how good you feel! One of the most wonderful things about living or working in the health center is the support and companionship of being part of a community. In this environment it is really very easy to get your eight hugs in a day if not more! I can think of very few places on earth that are filled with this kind of love and open heart centered sharing. Feel free to come on in and get a real hug any time you wish, after all, you can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug!