Growth and Renewal  

The older I get, the more I appreciate spring, the unbelievable magic of growth and renewal. All of a sudden, one day, you hear the birds singing in the pre-dawn where before it was silence … you take a second look because the tree that was bare the day before has pink blooms everywhere … your regular neighborhood walk all of a sudden smells amazing. It’s as if the Force has been unsheathed and life is simply everywhere.

Perhaps this year even more than previously, I am grateful for the annual show of vitality. Rose Villa is being renewed in front of our eyes as well. I am excited to discover what will pop up from the new garden spaces on campus, how new relationships will unfold, what fantastic ideas we will have and projects we will pursue. I am meeting with small groups of residents over the next several months just to hear what is going on for all of you, in all of the corners of this community. Thank you all for sharing the miracle of connection and community with me.