End of Life as an Opportunity for Growth  
A lot of what is important to me has to do with changing the culture around aging and death. I was given the opportunity to speak directly to this at Naropa University in Boulder, CO this weekend at a conference, "Reimagining Death and Dying,” Although I cannot know how all of the energy and blessings that flowed to and from me over the past two days here will ultimately play out, I have to say that I feel as if I am swimming in a sea of human compassion and understanding. To spend time with people who have journeyed through such powerful and complex transitions at end of life and who believe that acknowledging, valuing, and sharing these intense experiences brings so much more depth to our world is ....uplifting, certainly, but more than that. It feels connecting on a fundamental level. It connects us to each other, connects us to the planet, and connects us to a shared experience through these sacred journeys. There is comfort in knowing that others have gone before and there are kind hands and warm hearts waiting to help us step through even the most difficult times. To be among such a community today, full of delight and exploration, brings a lightness and eagerness to my heart. To breath it in, send it out, breath it in, let it deepest gratitude to all who created this opportunity, all who believe in being intentional in our lives, all who are deeply moved by the power of community.