Casual dare to remarkable fundraiser  
You know that you are part of a remarkable community when a casual dare turns into a $10,000+ fundraiser in only a few hours. (You also know that one of the main guys working on the campus calls forth a strong reaction among those who know him…) The Kunzman Cannonball Challenge is almost a perfect example of why Rose Villa is so special: We clearly have extremely committed business partners. That our project Manager, Craig Witz, conceived of the dare as a way to contribute to the Foundation is amazing. That our R&H Project Superintendent, Wayne Kunzman, not only took the dare but magnified it, is incredible. But then when all of the major partners in our redevelopment team and about a dozen of the subcontractors working on our campus all raised their hands immediately to contribute, I was stunned. That sub-total, including Craig’s match and if you add in the personal commitments of many of the R&H staff, is $7,680. We clearly have staff - and some Board members! - that care enough to dig deep into their own pockets to pony up for the challenge. We can count $1,045 from all of them. And then when you see the residents rise up and bring us well over the finish line, with another $1,395, it really starts to make you wonder what the heck is going on? Congratulations on raising $10,120 in a little over a day for the privilege of watching Wayne cannonball into our new pool while also securing the future of all residents at Rose Villa by contributing to the Foundation. I expect to see you all come and watch on June 8 at 11:00 am - feel free to bring your suits and jump in afterward!