From the Desk of Vassar Byrd - December 2014

December 1, 2014 - Vassar Byrd | StaffWhen talking about our project and the construction, someone exclaimed to me, “You all have to live like this for the next YEAR?!?!” And I want to be sure that everyone here understands that the answer to that is No. We are at the messiest, muddiest, loudest, and most outwardly confusing portion of the entire project.It’s winter. No buildings are up yet. We can barely see the outlines of what is to come. There are dozens of heavy trucks, beeping their backups, delivering heavy cargo, and we are in the process of putting in electricity, water, sewer and other infrastructure – so interruptions in service are common and not always known in advance. This is really ground zero. As we move forward, we will move INTO the buildings that we are constructing. The noise quality and level will change. As we prepare and finish roadways and walkways and even some of the landscape, the mud and mess level will change. As the form of the new parts of campus take shape, the everyday vision will change, and our eyes will anticipate what is next. Our next winter will be very different.I am more aware and appreciative than you could possibly imagine of the sacrifice that everyone who lives here is making at this moment. This is TOUGH. There is no way to make it easier or quicker or quieter than we have. I believe that our partners – R&H and their subcontractors – understand very well how difficult it is for them to be working in your front yard every day. They try hard to ease the burden where they can – and we are interested in any suggestions or observations that you have of ways to improve. You are really in the best position to see alternatives.

This is a massive project. One that will redefine Rose Villa for decades to come. The only thing of comparable magnitude is the incredible grace and strength, the everyday resilience and humor (and occasionally, the actual POETRY!) of the people who live here. I talk about this community constantly – to business peers, potential residents, future staff and Board members, to anyone who will listen, really – and I don’t talk about the buildings. The excitement and potential all comes from you.May we all share the blessings of this unique season of holiday spirit and change at Rose Villa – and remember that spring always follows winter….