Blessings and Grattitude  

As a seriously glass-half-full person,  I have a good understanding and intuitive grasp of the importance that perspective and expectations play in life.  My experience has repeatedly demonstrated that what you vision in your heart and mind, what you see as the outcome, BECOMES the outcome.  Having it always in front of you keeps you focused and aligned and draws people and resources to you to accomplish your goals.  I recently heard a story from someone who works with Rose Villa that gave me a much deeper understanding of how powerful your own mindset can be.

We had worked with a particular outside partner for over a year and had grown to like and trust her very much and so when she told us, almost two years ago, that she had advanced breast cancer, I was shocked and dismayed on every level.  She is young, with a family, smart, hard working, dedicated, just a fine person that I personally connected with.  It was a grueling battle for her but I am happy to say that today she is cancer free.  We were in a meeting this week when she said that every time she had a chemo treatment – and there were 22 of them – she dressed up to go in.  It got to be that the nurses there looked forward to seeing her especially because she wore lovely outfits accessorized perfectly, and turned up looking like she was going to a fancy restaurant for each treatment.  She said, “I decided that I would make a date with chemo every time.  That it would be a date with my future.  I treated it as a very positive thing that I was doing for ME.  And whenever I could, when I felt well enough, I would take myself out to lunch afterward.”

Now, of course, I can’t tell you that her attitude helped beat her cancer.  But I can’t say that it didn’t either.  What it absolutely DID do was put her in the driver seat of her own life.  Instead of being yanked along, she stepped out in front.  It set her up to be fully present with everything that was happening, not be a victim in her own life, and I am positive it brought the heart of everyone helping her all the way into her court to stand next to her and support her in every way possible.

I am so grateful that she is well and so grateful that I know her and that she shared her story.  I don’t know if everyone can be as strong and positive with every challenge we face, but it helps to see the light ahead, to know it is possible to be that fearless.  We each have tremendous strength and power that we do not know we have - until we need it.  I have seen it at work at Rose Villa over and over.  Each story I hear adds something to my own foundation. 

Blessings to us all and gratitude for the road we share.