Rose Villa Partners with Habitat for Humanity

June 18, 2014 - Vassar Byrd | When Rose Villa set about planning for the redevelopment of a large section of campus, a solid salvage plan for building materials was secured and put into motion. With 75 apartments slated for removal, that’s a lot of cabinets, windows, doors, and more that are reusable in other applications.  In late spring of 2014, Rose Villa teamed up with Habitat for Humanity ReStore and began donating re-usable materials.Habitat for Humanity ReStores Building Materials Recovery Manager, Mark Haley reports “To date, we have salvaged 326 cabinets, 75 appliances and an assortment of medicine cabinets, sinks and other miscellaneous items. The dollar value of what we'll sell in our stores is about $23,465. So far, all the materials have gone to the Portland ReStore”. Mark says the group start pulling windows, doors and other exterior items in late June.One set of reclaimed cabinets will be installed in Evergreen Habitat for Humanity's new break room. “Using cabinets from Rose Villa helps keep their move affordable - and we're always pleased when we can practice what we preach about reuse” says Mark.

Mark says "It takes all types of relationships and commitments to make any venture a success and that’s certainly true with Habitat for Humanity. Without the partnerships of passionate and like-minded members of our community like Rose Villa, the Habitat for Humanity ReStores would not be able to reach the level of life-changing impact that we have. Your amazing donation is helping us reach our mission goals to help worthy families build a brighter and hope-filled future for themselves. The amount of materials we've reclaimed is staggering and equates to over 88,000 pounds diverted from the waste stream so far! Thank you from our staff and from our partner families that you are helping build better futures for!"