From the Desk of Vassar Byrd - September 2014

September 23, 2014 - Vassar Byrd | Oh, the sounds and sights of fall….especially the giant PGE truck installing a large utility pole in the employee parking lot - apparently our temporary electric drop did not support us turning on heat in the trailers. (It would have made them blow up! Ok, or maybe just fizzle out, but not a good result either way.) Heck, we’ve got heat in there now, next thing you know we’ll get running water or something! Times are GOOD in Trailerville!

Debbie and I will be conducting our very first monthly investor call on October 2. I expect this will become quite routine, but pulling together all the information the bond holders want, particularly the minutiae of how every dollar is being invested and traded and receiving what return, prior to spending it – THAT has turned out to be a brain chilling exercise of the first order. But Debbie has taken the opportunity to put together a model of how that flows and all of this will get easier and easier. The best part is reporting that we are 81.3% sold out of all homes in the redevelopment area!!!

I don’t want to overstep here, but the project does feel like juuuuust the tiniest bit more orderly, with a few less of the gazillion detail decisions to be made every day, no more angry neighbors upset about parking on River Road, just the feeling of a small, welcome ability to breath in a bit. Of course, there is so much more to come – and many more contractors on site, as we get to the point where actual buildings start to rise out of the ground. But even now you can start to see the real outline of the landscape we are building, there is the smallest corner we have turned and instead of the overwhelming feeling of deconstruction and tearing down, we are truly starting to BUILD.