Here's to Dazzling and Profound Moments

January 1, 2016 - Vassar Byrd | As we experience the tremendous growth of our community, literally day by day, people moving in despite the dark and driving rain, taking the already difficult burden of downsizing, packing, and unpacking and just GOING FOR IT with amazing energy and good cheer, I can feel a palpable sense of comradery. Yes, sometimes it feels like “the-tiny-ship-was-tossed” type of comradery and sometimes more of a big project WPA/CCC build-a-new-freeway type of comradery.

Regardless, it is the distinct sensation that we are all in this together – the difficult parts, the rewards, the ridiculous stories, whatever it is - it is US. We are making our future together, creating lifelong bonds of understanding and friendship , discovering all the possibilities and power that a group who share a few core values can generate. The possibilities that I see every day and with every single resident are dazzling, overwhelming, reassuring, and profound.

Thank you for creating such a special place. And I offer a toast another year full of adventure together!